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"Makeup is not just about covering what you don't like... it's about enhancing what you love about yourself, and bringing those gifts to the surface, we all have them." - Raven




Raven Herschel is a Professional Makeup Artist, Master Certified by

The Academy of Makeup and Fashion.

How did you get started and what inspires you in your work as a Makeup Artist?

As early as five I remember being fascinated by makeup! My mom was a lead singer and drummer in a rock band, and I always remember watching her get ready and couldn't wait to look glamorous like her!

As life went on and I grew up I struggled with my own beauty image. It wasn’t until my mid-twenties when I grew into myself and learned to use makeup to highlight features I love versus using it as a mask to cover what I didn't like. For years I felt inspired and guided to learn more so I enrolled and graduated from The Academy of Makeup and Fashion as a Master Makeup Artist in 2013. The experience there was life changing and affirmed that makeup is what I am meant to do. 

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Doing makeup professionally these past few years has been so fulfilling and really part of who I am today. Although it’s still scary sometimes putting myself under the “beauty lights” of my business, it’s empowering to know that I turned my weakness into strength and that I can share and express it with others through my work is incredibly rewarding. 

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What do you most enjoy about your work?

Everything! :) There is something magical about working so closely with women as a Makeup Artist. Beauty is my passion and I love the opportunities I have to bring more life and light into the features I see.

My favorite moments are working with a Bride on her special day! I strive to carry out the vision she has and to be the experience she wants and needs on such an important and happy day in her life. 


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